Platinum nuru gel for better Nuru massage experience

Platinum nuru gel for better Nuru massage experience

Nuru Massage at Sensual4u London. We only use Top Shelf, Authentic, Premium Nuru Gel GUARANTEED. What’s considered to the highest quality AUTHENTIC Nuru? Nuru Platinum. Is there really a difference? ABSOLUTELY!! It allows for a better slide, higher quality seaweed that you will feel a difference in your skin’s softness, smoothness and hydration. We know you all just come here for the positive effects of your skin. LOL!! But it is an added bonus, you must admit. Talent, skill, experience and playful personality of your Nuru Artist is just as important as the quality of the quality of the Nuru. You will find a loving, fun, playful and heartfelt Nuru Artist at Sensual4u London guaranteed! Those two things combined is what makes for a positive experience that keeps our Members coming back for more with gratitude and love. And that’s what we’re about here. This is a place of soul healing, comfort, warmth, accomodations and joy. As it should be!!

Why do we keep saying “Authentic”?

It’s because believe it or not they do make ‘knock off’ Nuru Gels. They are not nearly the same quality, texture or consistency as authentic nuru gel. Why do some provider’s buy knock offs? For the obvious reasons that they are MUCH cheaper! And some places feel that their clientele would prefer a cheaper priced nuru massage. We’re giving the benefit of doubt that places aren’t charging the as much as places with authentic nuru gel. Also, there is a possibility that if they don’t have proper experience with Nuru Gel they just might not know any better and believe that “it’s just as good as the real stuff”. It’s not! Knock offs are thinner, they are sticky and they dry up VERY quickly so there is chronic re-application. Anyone who has gotten a London Nuru massage knows when you start sliding, you really don’t want your Nuru masseuse to stop in the middle to re apply. And the slide just isn’t the same. It even becomes sticky and gets ‘stringy’.

Is there really a difference between Nuru Standard Vs. Nuru Platinum?

the real nuru gel

Yes, there honestly is a big difference in consistency, texture, it lasts longer and allows for a better slide. Your skin will even feel softer, silkier and more hydrated. With Platinum that means your artist won’t have to apply as often, it’s silkier and feels more euphoric and you are getting the fun, playful glide and slide you see in the Nuru Guru Videos. Your artist can simply lay on your back and the Platinum is such great quality slide down your back and possible off the bed if she’s not careful with absolutely no pushing off or effort. The gel is that slippery, her body can slide on it’s own just like in the Nuru Guru Videos. To see for yourself the difference please watch this wonderful video created by Nuru Guru that shows the difference between Nuru Standard and Platinum.

Our Nuru Massage here at Sensual4u ONLY uses Nuru Platinum. We only use Authentic High Glass Nuru Sheets by ‘Between the Sheets’ which offers the best quality Latex PU sheets. What makes them better quality is the Latex thickness and quality of the sheets production. Now we haven’t personally tried the cheaper Nuru sheets that are out there but we just personally feel it must be cheaper for a reason. And we really don’t want to take the risk of having poor quality Nuru Sheets. We don’t want our clients to feel out clients are getting glorified plastic sheets. And Our ‘Nuru Massage’ Package has a specially reserved Private ‘Nuru Boudoir’ Room equipped with Queen Size Mattress covered in Authentic Nuru Sheets with a variety of fluffy silk covered pillows. This specially reserved and private room is flourished with beautiful soft candle light and Sexy Enigmatic Music (with a variety of other music stations avail.)