an erotic massage a day keeps the doctor away

an erotic massage a day keeps the doctor away

So we all know erotic massages are great. There’s no argument there, but did you know that there is actually biological evidence to prove they are good for your health, mind and body.

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So let’s start with the mind part…

Erotic massages (also known as tantric massages) treat anxiety and other physiological problems. By having your partner (who you should trust) massage your naked body, you slowly let go of emotional weakness and insecurities. This also strengthens your relationship with your partner, by entrusting them to view and touch your whole body. So yes, this helps the mind.

Now onto the body…

We all know the massages relieve stress, but the added benefit of sensual massages is not only to relax you, but it increases your libido! YAY! As an added benifit, it builds muscle strength.

Finally for the health…

While I can’t say for sure that “an erotic massage a day will keep the doctor away” it definitely can help!

Sensual massages release your body’s natural oxycontin, which does truly amazing things. Tantric massages…

  • can increase fertility in both partners
  • are good for your heart and other organs
  • remove toxins from your body
  • regulate blood flow
  • and much much more!

With all the benefits of having a sensual massage, why not visit us and get your own sensual massage in London?

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