Nude Body to Body massage

An Exotic Massage Experience in London

We provide masseuses who are able to deliver the most unique, b2b (body to body) massage in London. Sensual4U are the original designer of sensual, b2b massages in the city and as such our client base is large and full of satisfied customers. Any of eleven Sensual4U visiting massages can be booked from a range of stunning and professional masseuses.

b2b massage = body to body massage

b2b massage = body to body massage

Sensual4U have been delivering the most luxurious full body massage in the city for many years and we pride ourselves on being one of the best services you will find. Sensual4U Masseuses will provide full body naked massages in London at most central locations which include airports, private homes and residences and many central London hotels.

Our nude massages deliver an amazing sensational experience which is thoroughly enjoyed by all our clients. Sensual4U Masseuses are intensely trained to deliver the special Sensual4U unique, nude body to body massages with our bespoke massage programme called “The Titillating Touch.”

An intimate massage – Nude massage

Our early history talks of ritual massage and medical massage, both of which have been enjoyed by people for many years.  Massage is hugely beneficial to the mind and body and regular massage can promote good health.  The body to body massages provided by Sensual4U create a calming state of relaxation through the connection of the body’s senses with the external stimuli of our masseuse’s soft hands.

The health benefits of Body to body massages

Simply booking your sexy body to body massage with Sensual4U brings you closer to a sensual and spiritual experience. Our masseuse will stimulate the thousands of receptors that lie in your skin’s dermis layer and the result is stress melting pleasure.

Heart activity is boosted and blood pressure is lowered through our Sensual4U full body hot massages along with boosting the immune system and encouraging good health.

Our Sensual4U full body massages in London will vary and a number of massage methods see a different type of response, for example gentle strokes whilst massaging will stimulate the body’s nervous system and release the body’s natural endorphins.

The tantric Sensual4U erotic massage will further decrease the body’s stress chemicals such as the chemicals noradrenalin and cortisol.

Applying pressure during a massage will vastly improve oxygen supply to the blood stream increasing blood flow. Eastern body moves which ‘work’ stiff muscles increase flexibility.

Why is the our massage so unique?

Our Sensual4U naturist massage has been perfected to provide a deeply enjoyable experience. Our masseuses are professional and talented and have mastered the rare ability to blend gentle strokes with more applied pressure in a seamless way.

Studies conducted over many years have revealed that the impact of good massage can have a hugely positive impact on the human physique. Sensual4U guarantee an exceptionally satisfying tantric massage experience which loosens stiff muscles and reduces anxiety. Booking a sensual naturist massages in London with one of our specially trained Sensual4U Masseuses will also boost your immune system and promote good health.