Oriental Massage

The Real Oriental Massage – Happy Ending

Sensual4U have produced a bespoke method of applying the most sensual and tantric of Oriental massages in the whole of the London area.

With a soothing and exciting selection of eleven sensual Oriental massages in London our sexy masseuses will visit most central locations including private residences, hotel rooms and airports.

Our Sensual4U Masseuses are talented with stunning personalities and looks to match.


the Massage girl from Japan

We provide extensive massage courses to train our masseuses in the ‘Art of Sensual Massage’ which enables them to provide the most unique and sensual Asian massage in London. With relaxing and soothing music to match your sensual massage the experience will also include the gentle smell of incense and deliciously melting massage oils which will tone and moisturise your skin.

We have many revisiting customers on our books that realise that by having regular massages in London it will improve their flexibility and replenish their depleted energy. Regular Sensual Asian massages with Sensual4U means that stress levels are easier to control and it ensures no matter how pressurised your job, that you will not burn out.  Sexy oriental massage delivers a vital, healthy energy boost for anyone who lives a busy and hectic lifestyle.

Our Oriental massage will focus on your body’s energy points or meridians and aids the stimulation of the body’s vital energy flow. Our massage oils posses soothing properties which touch your inner senses, clear out bad toxins from the muscles and skin and greatly reduce fatigue.

Our sensual Asian massage includes the use of Japanese massage oil & nuru gel (for nu ru massage) which refreshes and energises clients. Our Asian massage therapy promises to open the energy Chakras and soothe aches, pain and stress in our clients.

Trapped energy is unblocked during your Sensual4U Asian massage therapy and your stunning masseuse will work your skin’s dermis receptors working in the soothing, moisturizing oil.

Benefits of the Oriental Massage

Our Asian cloud nine appy ending massage includes a wide variety of traditional, professional massage techniques to induce a complete state of relaxation to the mind and body.  sexy massage in London unlocks tight joints and relaxes muscles releasing the body’s energy ‘trigger’ points. Regular Sensual4U Oriental massage therapy will regulate your sleeping pattern, calm your temperament and vastly improve your body’s flexibility.

Sensual4U approach to Asian massage

Our erotic massage implements a variety of methods which include the special Sensual4U “Art of Seductive Touch” programme which sets this experience aside from any other.

Our London massage service has been specifically designed to induce a completely satisfying and blissful state through the easing of painful or tight joints, releasing endorphins and opening the body’s energy chakras.

The Asian massage has been proven to cure the early signs of illness, ease colds, increase flexibility, prevent long term muscle damaged, eliminate stress, induce regular sleeping patterns and generally promote well being.

Sensual4U Masseuses take our oriental erotic massage to new levels with a stress melting sequence of Thai strokes and Japanese body slides to provide our clients with a spiritual state of bliss.