Prostate massage

The superb g-spot orgasm

Our Sensual4U special Prostate massage in London is a very popular service and is a service that Sensual4U has provided for many years attracting many long term clients.

This massage is focus on your ultimate pleasure. Your Prostate massage will be provided by a beautiful massage expert in our massage parlour or if you are in hotel or home she will provide a visiting massage to a number of places in central London which includes private hotels and private residences as well as local airports. Our sexy masseuses have had extensive training in the Sensual4U massage techniques and are able to deliver the leading Prostate massage service in the city.

a prostate massage is always combine with other erotic massage services

a prostate massage is always combine with other erotic massage services

Our Prostate massage in London is made even more special due to the specially taught techniques which are deployed by our model masseuses.  The Sensual4U London Prostate massage is not for everyone – it is a special and unique experience. We have picked the best local and international beauties for their cheeky and fun personalities, beauty and talented massage techniques.

The Sensual4U special Prostate massage is different from any other massage, and you can enjoy a superb G-spot orgasm experience in the end.

Executive massage for body and mind

Our masseuses have been intensely trained to deliver tantric luxury and we are the only company that uses the special massage which is the Sensual4U “The Alluring Touch.”

Our London sensual massage reaches deeply into your mind, body and soul to awaken the deepest senses and provides a melting, relaxed state to your whole body.

As our Sensual4U models lay their soft, supple hands on you during your erotic prostate massage the sensations felt by your skins receptors will be luxurious. All you will need to do is to relax and enjoy the external stimulation of your tantra erotic massage.

Sensual4U massage benefits

The special Sensual4U Prostate massage in London will gently stimulate the body’s nerve endings and nervous system which results in the stress melting release of your body’s natural chemical endorphins and almost instantly evokes a feel good state of mind.

With our gentler Prostate massage in London you stress levels will lower and the body’s negative stress chemicals noradrenalin and cortisol are reduced whilst your blood pressure is lowered.

Our model masseuses will also deploy a deeper, penetrative Prostate massage which provides the client with increased intensity which lowers blood pressure and increases the body’s blood circulation which in turn eases knotted muscles and tired joints. When our massages are booked over a long period the overall flexibility of your body can improve notably.

Our masseuses will conduct a number of professional massage techniques such as the clapping and tapping over muscle groups and fleshier parts of the body which is commonly known as the ‘tapotement’ method. Learn more about this method.

Sensual4U massages will provide you with amazing sensations through a stress melting blend of Eastern body moves that take your mind on a restful spiritual adventure. Not only this, but our Sensual4U massages will improve sleeping patterns and eliminate headaches.

Your masseuse has been trained to touch you in satisfying ways so your Prostate massage in London will deliver complete satisfaction.