Tantric Massage

London Tantra Massage – Exceptionally Special Experience

Sensual4U are renowned for being the best massage parlour offers tantric massage in London. You can combine&bespoke any kind of our massage with the tantra session – With a choice of five sensual and erotic massages all our massages are available for both incall and outcall massages. Our Sensual4U Masseuses have been carefully selected for their exceptional massage abilities, fun personalities and beautiful looks.

the treatment

the treatment

Our Sensual4U Masseuses have provided an unparallel luxury tantric massage in London for many years.  You can enjoy the incall treatment in our massage parlour near Green park, or book an outcall service : Our sensual, visiting massage service sees stunning model masseuses visiting clients at London airports, or central London hotels and private homes.

The Sensual4U tantric massage is an unforgettable experience and the first of its kind. Our masseuses are thoroughly trained to be able to deliver the best erotic massages in London with the intense massage programme at Sensual4U: “The Alluring Touch.”

Tantric massage in London

For centuries people have used massage as a method to cure illness, relieve stress and promote well being. The Sensual4U tantric massage service does all this and also appeals to your deeper senses through a range of specially trained techniques.

the health benefits of Sensual4U Massage?

The special massage provides the most sensual experience you will have had. Thousands of your skin’s receptors will react to external stimuli during your massage experience to provide you with intense luxury and deep pleasure.

Our tantra massage increases heart activity will promote all round well being and good health.

Our tantric massage is provided as both a gentle massage which boosts the body’s nervous system and stimulates your body’s nerve endings to release natural chemicals such as endorphins.

This special erotic massage reduces the body’s stress chemicals, namely noradrenalin and cortisol. This massage experience helps to reverse the unhealthy effects that stress has had to the body and lowers blood pressure.

The stronger London tantric massage from Sensual4U stimulates blood flow and improves oxygen supply to the body’s tissues. Additionally, you will experience the easing of tense and knotted muscles, stiff joints and increased flexibility.

Techniques applied during Massage session

The techniques included during your tantra massage include one called ‘effleurage’, which is a gentle but firm body stroking. The method ‘petrissage’ is used during massage – this is a deeper pressure applied to relax muscles along with body tissue rolling. Another method used in Sensual4U massage is the ‘tapotement’ method; the clapping of fleshy parts of the body.

We are different

The Sensual4U tantric massage is provided by a truly stunning and talented masseuse who has amazing ability to seamlessly blend stress melting massage strokes with deep sensual satisfaction.

Studies in massage have shown that this method is a great, natural way to ease muscle pain and reduce anxiety.  We deliver the ultimate sensual massage experience which guarantees to evoke maximum sensual pleasure. Sensual4U massages have also been proven to boost the immune system promoting overall good health.