The Benefit of Getting a Massage

The Benefit of Getting a Massage

Here at Sensual for you London Massage center, we have Various types of massage service for you to enjoy. It is just too pale for just say ‘massage is benefit to you’ , here we invited Andrew W. the massage teacher from LMB to give us a comprehensive introduction on “How Massage good for us – exactly”.

Although we are not a normal massage center, we offer only sensual massage which focus on please ..the benefit still the same, and even more….

Various types of massages have been conducted by people for thousands of years, in every country and every culture in the world. The very act of touching another human being with the intention of releasing pain, aches, and tension and relaxing the body and mind is itself a deeply healing and therapeutic act.

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Modern science has categorized massage as part of alternative or complementary medicine. Although massage has been used in countries in Asia and Africa for centuries, it was introduced in America in the early 19th century. Today, it is estimated that there are 18 million people in the US alone who have experienced the benefits of a massage therapy.

While massage is often viewed as an aide to beauty, it has therapeutic benefits that go way beyond just cosmetic benefits alone. The more frequently or regularly you schedule your massages, the more effective will be its benefits over a period of time.

Although massages are a form of bodywork, it also deeply impacts the mind through working on the body. Today, everybody is aware of the mind-body connection. The fact that the mind affects the body and vice versa is a well-documented fact. When massages relax the body, loosen up stiff muscles and tissues, relieve body aches and pains, the mind gets naturally relaxed too. A relaxed mind does not have place for stress, tension, or worry. A relaxed mind is peaceful and calm. When the mind is at peace, deep and restful sleep can happen. There is increased energy which leads to decreased fatigue.

Massage is thought to be effective in releasing endorphins and serotonins, which help inhibit pain signals to the brain. This makes massage have unlimited applications in the field of palliative care.

Here are some of the documented benefits of getting a massage:

  • Decrease in chronic back pain with regular massages.
  • Helps reduce depression and anxiety as massage releases endorphins in the brain which contribute to feelings of peace and wellness.
  • It improves joint mobility which makes it a supportive treatment for arthritis.
  • The body’s immunity is strengthened because massage stimulates the flow of lymph vessels, or white blood cells, which is the body’s first line of defense. This is especially beneficial for people who have HIV.
  • Helps improve elasticity and firmness of the skin, leading to a youthful look.
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks as it encourages regeneration of cells and tissues.
  • Can help in alleviating cramps and spasms.
  • Can help athletes recover from a rigorous workout or game.
  • Helps expectant mothers have an easier and shorter duration of labor.
  • Blood circulation is improved because massage makes oxygen and other vital nutrients flow into tissues and cells.
  • It can help promote healthy sleep patterns in both adults and children, including infants.
  • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation may experience lower levels of pain and happier moods after a massage.
  • Chronic neck pain can be relieved after a massage.

The benefits of massage are vast and diverse but the only thing that can be more enlightening than reading about the benefits would be actually getting a massage so that you can experience these benefits yourself!

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